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Finding Honey West Online

This is a supplement to the column Pulp Magnet: Honey West at the New Pulp blog.

The first two Honey West paperbacks have been reprinted by Overlook Press.

This Girl for Hire (originally published in 1957) is Honey's debut and it is a fun, light-hearted romp that remains entertaining even after all these years. The main event is where Honey is caught playing a potentially lethal game of strip poker with four suspects. Mike Hammer never got himself into quite the same situation...

Kiss for a Killer (originally published in 1958) is the follow-up to This Girl for Hire, and it features a mystery involving a dead quarterback (Honey's own all american boy-toy Rip spenser) and a movie starlet's suspicious suicide at a peculiar nudist colony. Things are stacked against Honey this time out, and someone appears to be framing her. But who? And why? Read the book and all will be revealed...including a lot of Honey West...

So far Overlook Press has only brought out the first two paperbacks as reprints of this vintage series. Granted it's not Great Literature, but the sexual situations and innuendoes that were borderline scandalous back in the day are still more fun than a lot of what has come along since.

The complete Honey West TV series featuring Anne Francis is available on DVD.

If you remember the TV series, or if you want to learn more about it, literally everything you need to know about the Honey West TV Series is covered in the book by John C. Friedrikson – Honey West, (Paperback, 2009) Bear Manor Media (ISBN-10: 1593933460 / ISBN-13: 978-1593933463). You can find this book over at Amazon usually.

If you're interested in the 1966 one-shot comic book produced by Gold Key as a tie-in to the TV series, good luck. Heritage Auctions had a copy up for bid back in 2006, Comicvine has a mostly blank page (just a scan of the cover), and like comic book collector Mike Hammersky has said--this is a tough item to keep in stock, though it does pop up on and other book vendors, collector blogs or auction-sites from time to time. Bes tof Luck!

Moonstone Books has brought out a Honey West Comic Book series that nicely blends the classic paperback version of the character with the later TV series featuring Anne Francis.

You can see out article at New Pulp for more details on the Moonstone Honey West comic book series.

If you're looking for the rest of the classic Honey West paperbacks, here's a checklist for the original 11 books by the Ficklings:

  • This Girl for Hire (1957)
  • Girl on the Loose (1958)
  • A Gun for Honey (1958)
  • Honey in the Flesh (1959)
  • Girl on the Prowl (1959)
  • Kiss for a Killer (1960)
  • Dig a Dead Doll (1960)
  • Blood and Honey (1961)
  • Bombshell (1964)
  • Honey on her Tail (1971)
  • Stiff as a Board (1972)

  • You can find examples of the vintage paperback covers for Honey West at the following blogs & sites:

    And as always there is the Wikipedia entry on Honey West or my own recent contribution to all things Honey West via my recent Pulp Magnet column featured at the New Pulp blog.

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